Phase three: veggie shakes

michael & nikita | bloodsport

We are an army, the brakes are within 
But that’s why we’re stronger,  
and that’s how we’ll win.

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- Nikki, I hope you’ve been practicing your yoga.
- It’s Kendo, nerd. And I’m gonna practice it on your head.

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"No one doesn’t [inspire me]. It’s sort of in my daily life. It could be the driver that took me here today or my manager who’s here with me or people that I’m meeting today. I find inspiration everywhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone important. I think that if we open our eyes, people are pretty inspiring."  - Maggie Q [x] (via samudinovs)

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you know what really pisses me off? after all this is over she’s still gonna forgive you. see, that’s the thing about Nikki, no matter how many times the people she loves let her down, she keeps on doing the right thing; 
c a u s e  i t ’ s  t h e  o n l y  t h i n g  s h e  k n o w s  h o w  t o  d o .

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Hairporn! Hello! #MaggieQ

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One must always maintain a sense of humour in life. This is the key to happiness. Once you have found the person or thing that you are passionate about, you can only move forward and progress. 

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Damn, how I miss MQ’s badassery!

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#Maggie Q #Nikita

favorite celebrity meme » photoshoots [4/4]↳ Origin Magazine (2014)

favorite celebrity meme » photoshoots [4/4]
 Origin Magazine (2014)

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Inspired by (x)

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